Violet Gro Partnership

Cedar Valley Farms is a family owned hemp business based out of West Salem, Ohio. This year we hold 1 of only 198 hemp production licenses for the 2020 growing season in the state. Last month we completed propagation of our initial hemp crops for the season. Through an established partnership with Violet Gro, a Colorado-based agricultural lighting company, we implemented LED grow lights as the primary light source for our greenhouse operations. Our strategy includes a 1,500 square-foot structure currently, with plans to utilize Violet Gro for an expanded 300,000 square-foot grow moving forward.

Violet Gro’s lights leverage patented technology in combination with cutting-edge design to produce agricultural lights that are exceptionally energy efficient (only 200W per 8’ light bar) and have very low operating temperatures, lending themselves to significant energy savings when compared with traditional lighting solutions.

Shawn Cutter, CEO of Cedar Valley Farms, stated, “In a few weeks, Cedar Valley Farms hemp crops will be coming to life. Our plan is to infuse technology into agriculture in pretty unbelievable ways, and we look forward to utilizing Violet Gro’s patented technology to do our part to build and support the hemp industry.”

“At Violet Gro, we strive to partner with market disrupting, innovative companies that are looking to grow together. Cedar Valley Farms is that type of company, with great vision to expand not only domestically and globally, but also the drive to achieve the highest performance in their facilities as well as consistent quality of product for their clients,” said Kurt Kucera, President and Global Head of Business Development at Violet Gro.

Coupled with Cedar Valley’s efforts to create a new market for hemp to thrive in by providing solutions through the technological advancement of precision agriculture, Kurt noted that “this partnership will be mutually beneficial because of Cedar’s willingness and eagerness to go down the path of data driven performance which is crucial in this industry as a synergetic partner.”

As it stands currently, the exponential ways in which hemp can change the face of agriculture is truly staggering. But as a commodity, it is fragmented by its potential. There isn’t a clear road that leads to outcomes that reasonably outline risk and return.  Cedar Valley is taking a holistic approach to hemp as agribusiness, with a commitment to becoming the pioneer that creates the map – from growth, to processing, to product –that will forge a direct path for profit the hemp industry needs in order to flourish.

About Violet Gro
Violet Gro brings together patented technology with cutting-edge design to optimize plant growth in indoor growing. The right lighting plays a critical role in the ability to grow healthy, viable plants, but Violet Gro also believes in focusing on the system economics of growing. Their lighting designs create a more cost-effective, long-term solution to indoor agriculture by producing more light and less heat, which results in less energy cost. For more information, visit or find them on Facebook (@violetgro) or Instagram (@violet_gro).





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