Trilogene Partnership

When Cedar Valley Farms set out to find our seed supplier, we wanted hemp genetics we could rely on. Our first meeting with the team at Trilogene Elite Hemp Genetics left us nothing short of impressed. Their CEO Matt Haddad is a heavy hitter in the industry with accolades and accomplishments that speak volumes on their own and bring credibility to all of Trilogene’s products.  However, what really struck us was the genuine way he and his entire team shared an enthusiasm to shape an industry, not just profit from it.

It was clear in each of our interactions that we were on the same page when it came to an end goal. Trilogene is committed to raising the bar on genetics, while Cedar Valley wants to raise that bar through the research technology behind those genetics. The folks at Trilogene also believe that farmers come first and deserve the diversity of genetics, crop knowledge, and a level of expertise they would get in any other crop they grow. That is a philosophy that resonates with the Cutter family’s long history as farmers who understand the need for hemp to catch up to other agricultural commodities.

As we move forward with this partnership, we do so with a lot of optimism and confidence. We know that we aren’t on our own now that the seeds have been sewn. Matt and his team stand by their product every step of the way. As our crops flourish in the rich agricultural heartland of Ohio, the Trilogene crew is ready to help. They provide five free potency tests during their client’s grows and help to evaluate them. They offer this, free of charge, because they know their feminized hemp seeds, hemp seedlings and hemp clones have all the genetic potential to thrive. And they want to make sure to provide their farmers with the opportunity to thrive as well.



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