The Future of Smokable Hemp

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It seems smokable hemp is one of the fastest-growing segments in the hemp and CBD industry. Many market analysts agree with projections that smokable hemp production will more than triple its current footprint by 2025.

Research shows that demand for hemp-derived CBD continues to grow, even though forecasts have fluctuated based on economic factors – including unaccounted setbacks caused by the pandemic and a lack of federal regulatory clarity around CBD.

What’s more, demand for hemp-derived CBD increased during the pandemic, with many keeping an eye on this market believing pandemic-induced anxiety and other conditions had helped to drive sales.

Smokable-hemp products are said to offer faster delivery of the effects of hemp-CBD for consumers. Because of this, smokable-hemp-CBD products represent a significant share of the overall hemp-CBD market. They also have a similar look and smell to other cannabis products, which brings its own controversial issues to the market. With no federal regulation and a patchwork of state laws, there are also no standard recommendations for retail, packaging and labeling.

All that to say, this new market it not for the faint of heart. Cedar Valley knows this, and we aren’t taking the ambiguity of what’s to come for the future of smokable hemp lightly. We’re also excited to bring what we feel is some of the best smokable hemp flower into the 2020 / 2021 market. By keeping our collective eyes and ears open, we are determined to ensure this industry keeps a forward trajectory as we help guide it into the future as a staple in American agribusiness.




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