Shucks – A Glimpse at The Shucking Process

Here is a glimpse of the shucking process in motion from Cedar Valley’s recent indoor harvest. This was the 5th harvest from the greenhouse that holds 1,500 potted plants. There were 5 different strains harvested this round – Bubbleberry, Cherry Bomb, Matterhorn, Red Robin, & Superwoman.

First, the stalks are clipped at their base from their pots and then carried into the processing barn to forego the shucking process. Shucking is when the buds and leaves are stripped from the stalks, by hand in this case. This stage is crucial because it is preparing quite possibly the most important part of the plant for further processing. The buds hold the highest amount of cannabinoids compared to the rest of the plant. After they are stripped from the stalks, the buds and leaves will then be dried and then move on to the trimming machine which separates them from each other. Both components of the plant are useful, but not necessarily together.

Each and every part of the hemp plant, in fact, serves a purpose. The buds, or flowers are often made into a variety of different smokable versions. Another common method of processing the plant is when CBD oil is extracted from the leaves and flowers and then implemented into a wide array of products such as food and drink, cosmetics, or cleaning. Even the stalks can be used for things such as textiles and animal bedding or litter. Shucking is just one step in the process of leading this versatile crop to its many uses.

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