Rethinking Smokable CBD

Purple Cowboy CloseupThere is a lot to be excited about out at the farm right now. Our successful first harvest has provided us with the foundation we will utilize to bring an extensive line of hemp products to life.

We started researching the current landscape of hemp derived / CBD-based consumer goods currently available on the market almost two years ago with the goal to create something new for consumers.  At this point we have an extensive list of unique products we are planning on bringing to the public.

One of those is vaporized CBD extract. With smokable flower poised to gain a real foothold in the CBD market in 2021, we decided to take the idea even further.

We started by partnering with a highly regarded extraction lab based in Steamboat, CO, called Diesel Haus Inc. John Kelly is an expert in their field and doesn’t cut any corners.

Our CBD extracts are coming from several different strains with unique profiles. They will feature true cannabis-based terpenes, not artificial additions, alongside the CBD isolates that will be rendered from our hemp plants. Hemp plants that were grown in a small-batch greenhouse and tended to by a High Times award winning grower.

At Cedar Valley, our hope is that all of the care and consideration we put into our products will quietly underscore our dedication to providing quality over quantity hemp goods. We aren’t out to simply satisfy fellow hemp consumers from all walks of life; we want to impress them.



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