Raising the Bar – A Personal Design

They say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” due to the likeliness of achieving something so immense in such a short amount of time. However, achieving the construction and functionality of several Cedar Valley inventions in a months’ time deserves more than mention. Attaining detail about these personal creations through an interview with the COO of Cedar Valley, Josh Cutter, was eye-opening and nothing short of enlightening. One of the most amazing innovations was the design of a more efficient hanging system that would be used to dry the harvested crop. 

The creation of this invention began shortly following the construction of the Cedar Valley facility. A mid-August realization brought about the bright idea, although the need for this invention was quite unpredicted. The original drying system that was set to be implemented for 27 acres of hemp was discovered to be faulty. The initial plan was to dry the crop by spraying and lying it flat. The new idea switched to drying by hanging; however, not only did there need to be a hanging system built, but the current barn where the crop would hang was not designed to carry this much weight, especially when plants weigh 80% more when wet. This created quite a barrier, with 27 acres of hemp that needed to be harvested in just four weeks.

“At Cedar Valley, barriers drive motivation.”

To some, barriers create discouragement and often defeat; at Cedar Valley, barriers drive motivation. Motivation was immediately in full swing as beams, bolts, poles from basement supports, and oil fill pipe began to be tossed around.  A few other ingredients that would need to be sorted through would be welding, fans, ventilation, and power sources in order to accomplish functionality of the new system. Before long, the most efficient hanging system in existence would be painted into the canvas of the Cedar Valley scene. 

What puts this unique design above others is actually its allowance to stay below. What this means is that with this design, the employees do not need to be raised up into the air to handle the crop at any time, nor do they have to bend over to work with the product either. This is due to the unique lifting mechanism controlled by a drill that can lift all of the hemp in entirety, as needed, into the air to hang to begin the drying process. Allowing employees to remain on the ground created much more speed and efficiency to the process. This is just one example of how Cedar Valley Growers is raising the bar when it comes to the farming of hemp.

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