Kristin Anthony – Cedar Valley Farm’s VP of Operations

Kristin Anthony has been very busy lately. As the VP of Operations at Cedar Valley Farms her typical workday starts early and runs late, but she always makes sure her kids are a priority.

“Raising my kids on our farm means a lot to me because farming goes back generations in our family. Kids learn so much on a farm but doing it as a family is the most important aspect.”

Cedar Valley Farms started as a family endeavor with Kristin, her two brothers (Shawn and Josh) as well as their mother, Beth. It has now become a full-fledged operation with experts in technology and cultivation helping the Cutter family tackle the challenges of the emerging hemp market head on.

“Once I educated myself on hemp I became fascinated with the many uses of the plant and how many products are crafted with hemp in them.  It will be exciting to see what we can do for the future of this crop,” said Kristin when asked about her interest in hemp.

CVF propagated almost 60,000 hemp plants in May. Most of those are now thriving out on the fields of the Cutter family farm and upon harvesting will be rendered into environmentally friendly bulk oil. 1,500 of them will be CVF’s first crop of high-quality smokable flower. They reside in a state-of-the-art greenhouse, closely monitored and analyzed by the Director of Cultivation at CVF, Greg Averill.

“We are constantly looking for ways to be more effective and efficient in everything. Technology will be used in everything we do in this business,” Kristin adds.

When I ask Kristin what’s in store for CVF’s future, she’s cautiously optimistic:

“I would be lying if I said I didn’t dream big.  But I know we have to do the little things to achieve the big things. It takes all of us giving 100% every day.  We all have certain things that we are really good at, we know what each other can handle, and we know when to ask for help.  We’re all used to working hard and playing hard, but thankfully it’s always more fun with family.”






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