Hemp from the Heartland

Currently, out in the great state of Ohio, the Cutter family (pictured left ) and a few Cedar Valley staff members are tying up loose ends from the farm’s first hemp harvest. It’s been a lot of work – over 50K plants total came off the field and out of the greenhouse – but also an incredible experience. We have found that both our outdoor and greenhouse crops provided great perspective and knowledge that will be beneficial when we head into our next grow season.

However, before we get wrapped up in the details of our second grow, we need to offload this season’s final yields. In anticipation of this undertaking, we started developing a wide-ranging line of hemp products before our first plants were in the ground, and we are equal parts excited and nervous to finally be able to share the fruits of our labor with the world.

One of the projects is a line of smokable hemp flower we grew in our greenhouse. This batch of around 1,500 plants were our pride and joy this season. We partnered with Trilogene for our seed genetics and couldn’t be more pleased with how beautifully they turned out. We used five different strains from their labs including: Purple Cowboy, Sangria S1, Aquawoman, GNO, and Superwoman. They all have their own distinct flavor and scent profiles that are sure to please. We also have plans to develop smokable concentrates out of these strands, so keep an eye out.

Alongside that, we are putting the finishing touches on a CBD brand that will have an array of options for those with a more refined palette. It will feature tinctures, oils, topical cremes, and many other CBD wares. The merchandise produced under this brand will be held to the highest quality standards in the industry for extraction and processing and will be sure to please even the most sophisticated CBD connoisseurs.

We will have offerings for your favorite four-legged friends too! We’re working on everything from CBD oil to help your dog deal with separation anxiety to hemp animal bedding that naturally provides a more hygienic and environmentally friendly alternative to woodchips for your hamster friend.

There’s much more on the way, we are just getting started! Make sure to keep checking back for more announcements to come. Also, stop by the Hemp General Store! Soon you’ll be able to find and order our products there!



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