Growing Hemp Indoor vs Outdoor

Greenhouse Growing
As our Director of Cultivation, Greg Averill would tell you, greenhouse-grown hemp renders the most flavorful and aromatic final product. Protected from the damaging UV rays of the sun, these harvests still receive much needed natural warmth and light in a protected setting. Inside our state of the art greenhouses, Greg can optimize humidity, temperature, and light to produce superior hemp.

At Cedar Valley Farms, we are leveraging greenhouse growing to bring the best, high-quality smokable hemp to market, but there are some smaller operations and even private individuals who opt for this specific method. For the most part, it’s the people who are invested in quality that choose to grow in greenhouses because of the supreme product that is produced.

Pros of Greenhouse Growing

  • Premium hemp quality unsurpassed by other growing methods
  • Opportunity to fine-tune every aspect of the growing process
  • Protected environment reduces the risk of damages from mold and mildew
  • Limited exposure to pests and other potentially detrimental threats
  • Shielded from harmful UV rays that tend to dampen the quality of hemp

Cons of Greenhouse Growing

  • Overhead expense if you’re growing large quantities of hemp
  • Not exempt from the difficulties of changing seasons and weather
  • Takes just as much effort as growing hemp outdoors

Outdoor Growing
Although slightly more challenging than growing indoors, growing outdoors can be a beneficial place to cultivate your plants if you’re looking for quantity over quality. At Cedar Valley, all of our outdoor crops will be rendered into crude oil for optimal storage until it is purchased. With minimal need for added expenses like artificial light, tarps, and fans, outdoor hemp doesn’t require much more than soil and sun to get started.

However, there’s no such thing as the perfect growing condition…even in the heartland of Ohio. Outdoor plants can be far more prone to pests and contaminants, which may make them more laborious to care for. At the same time, there’s no guarantee the weather will work in your favor. In most instance, you’ll only be able to grow hemp outdoors during certain seasons.

Cedar Valley’s efforts in both indoor and outdoor growing are founded in technology. We are working to make both options for growing hemp efficient and accessible for everyone because we truly believe that hemp will change the landscape of agribusiness.


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