Emerging Trends

At Cedar Valley Farms, we are striving to put technology first when it comes to hemp farming. With the long road of prohibition behind us, we are looking forward to bringing the plant up-to-speed with the rest of agribusiness in 2020. Here are some key trends we are working on in order to ensure that our crops of high-quality hemp find solid footing in this emerging market.

Hemp Manufacturing

Hemp’s versatility will undoubtedly make an impact in the U.S. manufacturing sector. Companies will be seeking out solutions to fulfill the need for hemp’s countless applications and products. Alongside hemp-based cannabinoids, other uses of hemp as biomass will begin to surface in the 2020 market. These products range from animal bedding and feed to building materials, as well as fiber for textiles and paper. Hemp’s versatility may also make it an important substitute for plastic products.

New Cannabinoids

Cannabinol (CBN) and Cannabigerol (CBG) are among other cannabinoids that will find their way into hemp goods in 2020. Regulations for these new-to-market products will need to be to be put into place by the FDA as the governmental entity also begins to frame regulations for CBD. Some brands working to differentiate themselves in this developing retail environment by making health claims may likely find themselves cited for violations.

Hemp Genetics

Hemp prohibition in the U.S. has kept hemp genetics from evolving over the last century. Unfortunately, that now puts our national economy at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to the global hemp market. THC limitations imposed by the federal government only complicate this matter because the North American market does not have abundant high-quality hemp genetics that remain below 0.3% THC through maturity.

These trends and many others will be stitched into the tapestry of a quickly evolving international hemp market. At Cedar Valley we understand there is a need to unite technology with this industry in order light the way for a bright future for all hemp farmers, not only for those who are adequately capitalized. Our goal is to lead hemp farming into its rightful place as America’s newest and most successful agribusiness commodity.







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