Cutter Family Farming

The Cutters are not your typical family of farmers. While they possess a sense of resolve and practicality that one might expect from a Mid-Western American farming family, they also all share a distinct desire to solve problems that hinder efficiency.

This trait was repeatedly made evident in their family’s history as farmers. Where their agricultural peers saw reliability in traditional farming methods the Cutters saw a need for better systems.  When others deemed the purchase of an upgraded version of farm machinery as unnecessary, the Cutters saw an opportunity to invest in their future. When instances to streamline farm operations through technology were rejected or ignored by most, the Cutters implemented them and boosted annual yields. Suffice to say, when it comes to farming, they just think differently. And it’s this unique disposition for problem solving that drives Cedar Valley Farms.

Shawn is the tech entrepreneur of the Cutter family. He has spent his career developing crucial technological advancements in the oil and gas sector, as well helping startups solve scaling challenges. With his acumen for technology, he immediately recognized hemp as a new industry with incredible growth potential, and full of market inefficiencies… an irresistible combination for a Cutter. This made an easy task out of recruiting his siblings Kristin and Josh to join him in the endeavor. Their mother, Beth, took a bit more coaxing as she had a reasonable amount of initial hesitation. What mom wouldn’t be a bit put off if her kids came to her with the idea of growing hemp on their farm?

But now, Cedar Valley Farms holds 1 of the 198 hemp production licenses for the 2020 growing season in the state of Ohio.  With propagation of their initial hemp crops for the season complete and planting underway, the Cutters find themselves poised to write the next chapter in the family’s farming history.

Hemp as a crop is perceptibly easy to grow with potential to create a new boom in modern agronomics. But it’s unlike any other plant-based commodity in the current marketplace.  Other products such as wheat or corn have been advancing technologically for generations while hemp remained illegal.

Cedar Valley Farms is dedicated to becoming the pioneer the hemp industry needs. Currently there is a glaring disconnect between technology and agribusiness. Establishing a union between the two is critically overdue and presents the most efficient way to bring hemp up- to-speed with the current best practices in the agriculture market. From multi-spectral imaging with computer vision to greenhouse automation, the Cutters are fusing technology into agriculture in some pretty incredible ways.


Bringing a holistic approach to this emerging market, Cedar Valley has factored in all the components for potential revenue that can be associated with hemp as an agricultural commodity, from seed to shelf. With the goal to establish hemp as a commercial enterprise that’s beneficial to everyone.



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