Bringing Mission Control Direct to Farmers

Variety is abundant at Cedar Valley. From the multitude of hemp products we are creating to the range of tech gear we employ to grow it, you’re likely to find something new and interesting wherever you look…and this rings true with not only our goods and services, but also with our people.

Donnie Kerr is a perfect example of this. He works on the tech-side of things with Cedar Valley Labs. While Cedar Valley Farms is out to change the face of agribusiness through hemp, Cedar Valley Labs’ focus is merging cutting edge technology and automation with agriculture to improve processes and give farmers the tools they need to be successful.

Donnie brings over 20 years’ experience with him that draws from many different industries. He’s a former NASA Rocket Scientist and worked for NASA in Mission Control. He has even built software so easy “a monkey actually used it!”, and on top of all that, he is also an expert in interactive systems.

His brilliant mind and affable demeanor play a critical role in the development of agMD, a product line that provides agriculturists with the knowledge and resources of a virtual team of horticultural experts, allowing them to be proactive about their plants’ health. Every day, Donnie is hard at work infusing simple concepts with incredible technology to create tools like Wanda – a smart wand. At first glance, Wanda may seem like an ordinary plant support pole.  However, she does much more than just prop up plants. She works in tandem with an AI application that operates much like an Alexa device, and comes to life, glowing when your plants need attention and alerting users to potential problems before they become detrimental.

Imagine the panic a farmer experiences when they notice damage to an entire section of their crop that wasn’t there the day before. Their options are limited.  They could scour the internet to try and find the cause, but that could lead to misdiagnosing the problem, potentially making it worse. They could leave it up to a lab to test samples but not only is that option expensive, in the time it takes to get an answer, significant yields could be lost.

Donnie’s work developing technology with Cedar Valley Labs brings the potential for a farmer to snap a picture, get a diagnosis, map exactly where it’s happening via GPS, and rectify the situation quickly. All at a price point the average American farmer can afford.

To some, variety may be the spice of life, but at Cedar Valley, variety is creating a system that will bring together the expertise of a team of agricultural professionals that anyone with a cellphone will be able to manage and understand.


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