Big Hempin’ Ain’t Easy

To say we have been busy out at the farm these last few weeks is to put it lightly. Last month, the crew at Cedar Valley began our first hemp harvest. We started with our greenhouse grow, which is where we grew our highest quality hemp that will be used in a line of smokable products.

Thanks to the foresight of Greg Averill, our Director Cultivation, we were solidly prepared. He was able to map out a workflow that prevented any major hiccups. In fact, the team was able to cut, move, and hang 1500 plants in only 2 hours. This is no small feat. The plants are really beautiful, and we are very excited to share them with the world.

While we didn’t have any major issues during this harvest, there were certainly lessons learned. For example, we may have been a little too optimistic on projections about our final yield. Looking forward to next year, we will also be bettered prepared for state testing and how best to incorporate our R&D testing into that. With the private labs we work with, we were accustomed to getting results in a couple of days. The state took a little longer than we expected with end results being a bit of a mixed bag between the two entities.

However, all things considered, we overcame many unsuspected issues -like well water quality changes – so we are calling the greenhouse harvest a win. Above all, we are so thankful for the team we have. They deserve some serious kudos, and a few days of R & R. But that will have to wait until we finish harvesting the 50,000 plants we have out on the field over the next couple of weeks.




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