Beware of the Middle Man

At Cedar Valley Farms, we’ve encountered our fair share of middlemen.

While it may seem efficient and safe to buy materials from a reseller when you’re unfamiliar with all the facets of the product you need, it can end up costing you in the long run. We found educating ourselves was worth the time and effort.

Resellers often don’t have all the details of the product they are selling. The knowledge they do have tends to be distilled down to an enticing sales pitch. Once they have sold you the product and issues come up – or you have technical questions, a reseller can end up being of no help.  Also, they often are selling competing brands, so the intention on why exactly they are selling you the product can get murky. Our experience with resellers is that they sell what makes them the most money, not what is best for the client.

When something ends up breaking or not working in the manner that was promised, you may end up having to go directly to the manufacturer, rendering the middleman obsolete. Even if the reseller handles replacing the item for you, you are at the mercy of what they have in their inventory and may end up wasting precious time as you wait for them to order it from the manufacturer, then resend it back to you.

At the end of the day, a reseller is charging you to store the product and ship it to you, and in the process significantly marking up what they paid when the purchase was made from the manufacturer. Our advice at Cedar Valley is simple: What looks good from afar is often far from good. Anytime you can go factory direct or direct to manufacturers, you’re better off.




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