The Cutters are not your typical family of farmers. While they possess a sense of resolve and practicality that one might expect from a Mid-Western American farming family, they also all share a distinct desire to solve problems that hinder efficiency.

Hemp, as a crop, is perceived to be easy to grow with potential to create a new boom in modern agronomics. But it’s unlike any other plant-based commodity in the current marketplace.  Other products such as wheat or corn have been advancing technologically for generations while hemp remained overshadowed by archaic, prohibitive legislation.

Cedar Valley Growers is dedicated to becoming the pioneer the hemp industry needs. Currently, there is a glaring disconnect between technology and agribusiness. Establishing a union between the two is critically overdue and presents the most efficient way to bring hemp up-to-speed with the current best practices in the agriculture market. From multi-spectral imaging with computer vision to greenhouse automation, the Cutters are fusing technology into agriculture in order to advance hemp as a commodity.