A Blend of Perfection

“Identity is never static, always in the making, and never made.” The Cedar Valley identity is always evolving, and one thing that makes us who we are is the handful of personal inventions made from intuition and experience that sprinkles the processes and grounds of our farm. One example of how our hands have added a personal touch is the creation of our own blend of soil that we use for our plants in the greenhouse. Our COO, Josh Cutter, has developed the perfect recipe to help our plants grow to their full potential.

The process of creating this top-notch blend begins with mixing a combination of soils on cement. These bulk ingredients are mixed with a skid steer before they are added to the Kuhn 3130 Reel Auggie Mixer Wagon. This is where the personal ingenuity begins.

This mixer wagon is typically used to mix feed for livestock, silage, or corn. Having this background of farm knowledge created the wheels in the brain of our COO, Josh Cutter, to start turning. The idea sprouted that this feed mixer could be used to blend a superior concoction of soil with hand-picked ingredients.

After the bulk items (combination of soils) are mixed outside of the machine on the cement with a skid steer, this mixture is then added to the new “soil mixer” or Kuhn 3130 Reel Auggie Mixer Wagon. The next step is adding the hand-picked ingredients of specific fertilizers and amendments to create a mixture all our own designed to provide optimal plant life and success. These small ingredients are also initially combined with the skid steer before being added to the newly named “soil mixer”. They are added to the mixture last in order to be blended completely throughout the entire concoction.

The personal batch of superior soil is now complete and ready to house up to 1,500 plants in the Cedar Valley greenhouse. The complete mixture is transferred into a dump truck and transported to the greenhouse where it is shoveled by hand into individual pots for planting.

Much goes into the process of producing a premier plant and a healthy environment in which it will thrive. Perfecting that process is something that Cedar Valley is dedicated to whole-heartedly. The Cedar Valley staff wears many hats to achieve the higher standards we’ve set forth for ourselves. Adding a toque blanche to his garb isn’t out of the question for our COO, Josh Cutter, when whipping up the perfect recipe of soil for success.

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