When Seeking Out Potential Partners in the Hemp World, Due Diligence is Key


At Cedar Valley, we are always looking for ways to bring efficiency to process. We love partnering with like-minded, technology-driven businesses to collaborate and shape the future of hemp. However, we’ve found due diligence is key when researching potential partners.

On our quest for the best hemp genetics on the market, we encountered businesses that tried to sell us on seeds that would render useless crops because they would never pass the stringent regulations of Ohio’s hemp laws. While other companies tried to sell us on CBG, which after more in-depth questioning, we were able to get sales reps to flat out admit there is no established market for.

That’s why we were grateful to find Trilogene.  It was clear in each of our interactions that we were on the same page when it came to an end goal. Trilogene is committed to raising the bar on genetics, while Cedar Valley wants to raise that bar through the research technology behind those genetics. The folks at Trilogene also believe that farmers come first and deserve the diversity of genetics, crop knowledge, and a level of expertise they would get in any other crop they grow. That is a philosophy that resonates with the Cutter family’s long history as farmers who understand the need for hemp to catch up to other agricultural commodities.

Cedar Valley’s end game, much like Trilogene’s is not profit over people. We want to begin breeding  genetics and become a supplier of the best product for future hemp farmers.







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