Transforming the Hemp Industry

Hemp as a crop is perceivably easy to grow and it has the potential to create an entire new market. But it’s unlike any other plant-based commodity in the marketplace. It is not soybeans, or corn, or wheat.  These plant-based products have been genetically modified, re-designed, and fine-tuned to render a variance of market ready goods with profitable margins that include considerations of environmental impact. Instead of concentrating on components for potential revenue, Cedar Valley is looking at the hemp industry holistically.


Our Vision

As it stands currently, the exponential ways in which hemp can change the face of agriculture is truly staggering. But as a commodity, it is fragmented by its potential. There isn’t a clear road that leads to outcomes that reasonably outline risk and return.  Cedar Valley is committed to becoming the pioneer that creates that map – from growth, to processing, to product – Cedar Valley is forging the direct path for profit the hemp industry needs in order to flourish.

Our Process

From A/B testing soil and nutrient ratios, to using spectral imaging to refine optimal irrigation and fertilization methods, Cedar Valley is leading the way in hemp cultivation by implementing these practices and many others.

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